Oral care in the Zuidas> Dentistry: more than a dazzling smile
Oral care in the Zuidas

ACTA is situated on the Zuidas (Amsterdam business district), which means that it is easily accessible by public transport. A Faculty of Dentistry that is shared by the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam, ACTA’s mission is to train dentists. We have ultra-modern clinics for the treatment of patients. ACTA also has excellent research facilities, which cater to the needs of all dental disciplines. Its location facilitates effective cooperation with other faculties, especially VU University Medical Center.

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Dentistry 3.0> Dentistry: more than a dazzling smile
Dentistry 3.0

ACTA stands for innovation in dental education. One major innovation is the Simodont Dental Trainer, a top quality, highly reliable dental simulator. Students use Simodont Dental Trainer units to develop their manual skills in a realistic virtual world and in the process, they get feedback on their decisions and abilities. It is changing the way that students learn and the way in which they master competences.

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Groundbreaking research> Dentistry: more than a dazzling smile
Groundbreaking research

ACTA’s world-class dental research focuses on the physiology and pathology of the tissues in and around the oral cavity. Aside from infectious diseases such as caries (tooth decay) and periodontitis (inflammation of the gums, for example), there is a focus on topics such as hard tissues, the jaw system, the oral mucosa and salivary glands. Other areas under the spotlight include dental abnormalities and social dentistry.

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Personal attention> Dentistry: more than a dazzling smile
Personal attention

The Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) has room for new patients. At ACTA, you get very personal attention, and your teeth receive university-level dental care. We are happy to take all the time that you need. All treatments are clearly explained, so you know exactly where you stand. All this, and special rates too!

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