Collaborative venture ACTA VU/UvA

ACTA is a cooperation between the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the VU University Amsterdam (VU). De members of the board (CvB) of both universities keep supervision on the functioning of ACTA. The members are:

Members CvB UvA:

  • vacature (president)
  • prof. dr. D.C. (Dymph) van den Boom (rector magnificus)
  • prof. dr. H.M. (Hans) Amman (vice-president)
  • prof. mr. H.M. (Huib) de Jong (Rector HvA) 

Members CvB VU:

  • prof. mr. dr. J. W. (Jaap) Winter (president)
  • prof. dr. V. (Vinod) Subramaniam (rector magnificus)
  • drs. M.H.T. (Marjolein) Jansen (from 2016)