Institute of Education

ACTA provides the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam’s six-year Dentistry programme. In the context of this educational activity, ACTA’s objective is to provide a basic, comprehensive dental programme, while focusing on the students’ learning process. In addition, ACTA is committed to making provision for the continuing education of dental scientists and practicing dentists. By extension, this involves the delivery of various courses and postgraduate programmes to keep individuals’ knowledge up to date, and to enhance and promote their expertise.

Theory & Practice

Dentistry is a medical/technical specialism. Accordingly, the programme provides a combination of theoretical and practical training. To this end, ACTA is committed to furnishing students with an optimum learning environment, through the use of quality facilities and a range of teaching methods. The theoretical training includes medical, social, and dental subjects.

Academic training is another important aspect of the curriculum. The practical training consists of dealing with patients, and providing treatment. Under the guidance of experienced dentist-lecturers, this training gives dental students experience in different areas of dentistry.

Head of department

Langenbach, GEJ
Directeur Dental College (Bachelor)
dr. Geerling Langenbach
mw. Linda de Vries
T +31 (20) 59 80305
Directeur Dental School (Master)
prof. dr. Corine Visscher
prof. dr. Corine Visscher
Loos, BG
Directeur Oral Health Science (OHS)
prof. dr. Bruno Loos
prof. dr. Bruno Loos