Facts & figures

ACTA is the collaborative faculty of dentistry of the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije universiteit Amsterdam.

Education and training
  • ca. 950 students
  • Intake 128 students per year
  • ca. 950 members of staff
  • 15 dissertations (2015)
  • ca. 12 dissertiations a year
  • 318 scientific publications (2015)
  • 180 professional publications (2015)
  • 33,000 patients
  • 300 patients per day
DepartmentOral health Sciences:
  • Integrated Denistry
  • Cariology, Endodontics an Paedodontics
  • Oral Implants and Prothetics
  • Dental Material Sciences
  • Oral Pathology and Maxillofacial Surgery (VUmc and AMC)
  • Oral Cell Biology and Functional Anatomy
  • Oral Kinesiology
  • Oral Radiology
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics and Oral Biochemistry
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Social Dentistry
Specialist programmes
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral Pathology and Maxillofacial Surgery
Postgraduate programme
Oral Healthsciences (MSc):
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Implantology
  • Oral Kinesiology
  • Periodontics
  • Paedodontics

Amsterdam, VU campus in the Zuidas area

Postgraduate and contract education
ACTA Dental Education BV and ACTA Dental Research BV
Postgraduate education and contract education, together with the management of externally funded research are delivered by private limited companies, i.e. ACTA Dental Education BV and ACTA Dental Research BV.
  • There is a close collaboration with InHolland University’s Oral Hygiene programme and with the Foundation for Special Dentistry (SBT), which are housed in the ACTA building, in Amsterdam.
  • Broad-based application of ICT in education
  • Simodont: virtual reality in preclinical training.