Billing and cost of treatment

For patients who are receiving treatment in the context of student training, if the costs exceed € 150, a treatment plan will be drawn up, together with an estimate of the costs. Your therapist will submit the treatment plan to you for signature. This will take the form of a letter, or an Informed Consent. This letter sets out the details of your treatment plan, including the costs involved. The treatment plan is part of the care plan.

ACTA charges the same treatment costs for standard care as other dentists. You can find details of our current rates at or This does not cover various procedures carried out by students, for which there is a reduced rate.

The bill

If you have dental insurance, then the cost of treatment will be partially or fully reimbursed by your health insurance company. Following dental treatment, you will receive an invoice attached to a giro payment slip, even if the treatment in question was covered by your basic health insurance policy and you have a refund policy. You can submit the invoice to your health insurance company. Very few health insurance companies allow us to directly declare the cost of treatments that are covered by the basic health insurance package.

Bills for patients below the age of 21 are sent directly to their health insurance company. In this case, you do not have to submit the bill to the insurance company yourself.

Please contact your health insurance company if you need assistance in submitting your bill to them. ACTA’s Appointments & Information  department +31-(0)-5980380 can advise you on such matters. This department can also assist you if you have questions about the bill. You can also check the FAQs (frequently asked questions), to see whether they contain answers to your questions.

Our dentist's bills list the various individual procedures that took place during treatment. The individual procedures listed in the bill are each described by means of a code. Each code is linked to a maximum rate that is set by the government. You can find details of our current rates at or

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