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Collaborative venture UvA and VU

The Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) is a collaborative venture involving the Faculties of Dentistry at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. ACTA is one of three institutions in the Netherlands offering university-level Dentistry programmes. Besides patient care (in the context of teaching), it is also tasked with training dental students to be dentists, and with training qualified dentists to be dental specialists, such as: orthodontists; dentists specializing in a particular field of dentistry and research workers carrying out scientific research in the field of dentistry.

The full range of dental care

ACTA is therefore able to provide the full range of dental care for patients as part of the dentistry programme (or in a differentiated aspect of that profession; dentists specializing in a particular field of dentistry). In addition, patients from all parts of the Netherlands can be referred to ACTA by their own dentist for specialist dental care. Where necessary, ACTA patients can be internally referred to an ACTA specialist for specific treatment.

Are you looking for an oral hygienist?

Inholland University’s Oral Hygiene programme (OMZ) is housed in the ACTA building. Patients can be referred to OMZ by their therapist, by ACTA, or by their own therapist outside ACTA. Are you just looking for an oral hygienist? Contact ACTA’s Information and Appointments department to arrange for an intake consultation. Inform them that you specifically want to register as a patient for Inholland University’s Oral Hygiene programme. The Foundation for Special Dentistry (SBT) has a practice in the ACTA building. Further information and contact details for SBT can be found at the SBT website.