Research at ACTA

In general, research at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) focuses on the physiology and pathology of the tissues in and around the oral cavity.

Contract research

Despite the fact that the dental status and oral health of the population has improved greatly in recent decades, a considerable part of the population is still suffering from oral diseases. Caries and periodontal diseases are still common and as a consequence there still exits a need for better preventive measures.

PhD/Graduate School

At ACTA, more than 60 researchers are working on their doctoral research. The PhD programme has been set up in the ACTA Graduate School of Dentistry.

Research code

How to deal with subjects or human tissue? Or with data management, authorship, the media or academic integrity? About that, and other issues, the VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam (VUmc) and the Academic Medical Center (AMC) jointly wrote a research code.