Commissioned research

Are you looking for a reputable partner for your research, do you want to work with leading scientists, or are you aiming to achieve the best possible development for your product? If so, then ACTA is your preferred partner.

ACTA research at the top
At international level, we rank among the top five research institutes in the field of dentistry. Our research covers the entire field of dentistry, and intersects with medicine, biology, chemistry and psychology. Our parent universities, the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam, place very great value on this research. Accordingly, our work features among these universities’ research focuses.

Development and Innovation
ACTA combines trained scientists of the highest calibre, the very latest equipment, and a brand new building. We are involved in product development and patient-related research.

Our research projects include prevention and oral health, the development of new materials, and other techniques in the field of dentistry.

ACTA conducts interdisciplinary research. It has established cooperative alliances with leading national and international research centres, and with industry. Accordingly, this is a valuable source of information for complex research questions, and a means of carrying out research across a range of different disciplines. The move to our new HQ in the Zuidas, right next to VUmc, is a great incentive to seek out new cooperative alliances.

ACTA Dental Research b.v.
Contract research is carried out by ACTA Dental Research b.v. (ADR). It is ADR that enters into contracts with customers, as ACTA itself is not a legal entity. This ensures shorter lines of communication and faster decision-making between client and contractor. Any contractual agreements that you enter into with ADR will be carried out for you by renowned ACTA scientists. We are always interested in your questions and requirements.

For further details about having leading research carried out by ACTA, please contact:

Ir. Willem Fokkema
Telefoon: +31 (20) 598 0440 of +31 (6) 28 724788

Our work is not restricted to our students and patients, we also advise businesses in the field of dentistry.