Oral infections and inflammation

The most common oral infections can result in caries, as well as periodontal and endodontal inflammation. Evidence is also accumulating that these oral disorders can affect an individual’s general health. Accordingly, this research focus is targeting the aetiology, prevention and therapy of these processes.

Aetiology is concerned with the role of specific bacteria in plaque, and the properties of these biofilms at the molecular level, as well as host factors such as genetically determined etiological factors and individual differences in inflammatory reactions. Various aspects of immunity are also studied. In the context of prevention, topics such as environmental factors (which include oral hygiene and fluoride use) are investigated.

Therapeutic options are explored, using methods such as targeted intervention in the interaction between different species of microorganisms, and between microorganisms and the host’s immune system.

- Experimental Preventive dentistry, Clinical Cariology and Microbiology
- Endodontology
- Paediatric dentistry
- Periodontology
- Oral Biochemistry
- Orthodontics
- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery