Contract research

Contractonderzoek - Contractonderzoek bij ACTA

Despite the fact that the dental status and oral health of the population has improved greatly in recent decades, a considerable part of the population is still suffering from oral diseases. Caries and periodontal diseases are still common and as a consequence there still exits a need for better preventive measures. Nowadays these are increasingly supported by innovative software and lifestyle advice. There is also an increasing demand for innovative methods and materials for maintenance and repair of the teeth and jaw. These should be able to be applied easily, efficiently and cost-effectively in the dental practice.

The Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA):

  • provides the ability to test and validate experimental products and protocols in a clinical environment;
  • provides a result that can be scientifically substantiated and used in further development and introduction of new materials and methods;
  • is working on a confidential basis with partners to optimally safeguard the interests of both client and patient.
ACTA Dental Research BV.
Research for industrial partners is carried out under the responsibility of ACTA Dental Research BV (ADR). ACTA Dental Research is a professional organization that signs contracts with clients on the conditions under which the study is conducted. This includes issues such as project size, turnaround time, communication and reporting, cost, intellectual property and other legal matters. All the research is performed by qualified ACTA scientists.