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An important point is the creation of attractive fringe benefits and a good working environment that invites individuals to undertake research at one of Europe's largest dental faculties. ACTAPro serves as the primary point of contact for all of ACTA’s PhD students. Members keep the PhD students informed about events such as the graduation of fellow PhD students, interesting lectures, symposiums and meetings, by means of the familiar, colourful newsletter.

In addition, ACTAPro helps to organize the Scientific Afternoon Meetings. These are mandatory bi-monthly afternoon gatherings at which PhD students present their research results and discuss them with fellow PhD students. To enable fellow doctoral students to get better acquainted with one another, in an informal setting, ACTAPro stages ‘PhD outings’ every six months.

ACTAPro is represented by the following PhD-students:   
Carolyn Moonen- Chair and Communication (; room 11N-43)
Tijmen Münker - Vice-chair (; room 11N-43)
Ana Lourenço - General member (;)
Elmira Boloori -  General member (;)
Magdalini Thymi - General member (;)
Marwa al Hothali - General member (;)
Fei Teng - General member (;)
Anna Kroese - General member (;)

And further more we have connections with UvApro en ProVU via:
Tijmen Münker (UvApro) and Cindy Kelder (ProVU) 

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