Grant Writing: Formulating and drafting their own project proposal (involving funding from government agencies/contract funding)

Grant proposals can be seen as a quotation. It has to give a solution to an existing problem in society/science. It is therefore necessary to focus on the essence and on the quality of the deliverables at the end of the project. Saying more while saying (writing) less is crucial for successful grant applications. You will learn to write a structured, concise and clear text conveying your enthusiasm and scientific quality. You will do this through several writing exercises which you complete individually or in small groups. Sometimes you will be put at the receiver's end in order to show you how the evaluation of grants works. The following topics will be handled during the workshop: how to describe the essence in a few phrases (1), 'selling' a grant proposal (2), how to structure a text for a grant proposal (3), how to shorten a text (4), which criteria do referees use (5), important aspects of a CV for a proposal (6). Many practical tips will be provided during the workshop.

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • know how to write a structured text;
  • know how to put your scientific proposal in an improved “sales” perspective;
  • know how to reduce complex issues into brief text;
  • know how to describe the essence of your proposal in a clear and concise way;
  • know which criteria are important for a proposal.
You will receive an extensive reader to take with you, filled with useful background information. To get most out of the workshop it is best to have a proposal in mind as we will work on this during the workshop.

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