Education, coaching and courses for PhD students

PhD students are expected to follow various courses during their PhD programme. For those with a four-year PhD studentship position, courses are mainly attended during the first three years of their PhD programme. Courses may have different objectives: Required in the context of research/thesis (e.g., statistics, laboratory animal science); General scientific education (e.g. writing in English) or Career-oriented (e.g. grant writing, courses outside their own area of research)

Mandatory courses

Starting dateSubscription
Statistics and methodologyJanuary 10th - March 7th 2019
Grant writing 2019 (to be decided)
To be announced*
Scientific writing and presenting in EnglishMarch 6th - June 12th
Dentistry for non-dentists
2020 (to be decided)
To be announced*
Oral BiologyMarch 21th - May 9th
To be announced*
Scientific Integrity (English)
February 15th - March 1stOpen*

Non-mandatory courses

Education and coaching