PhD/Graduate School

In the academic sense, the term PhD studentship covers the whole process of conducting doctoral research, and writing and publicly defending a thesis, after which the individual in question is allowed to use the title of 'Doctor' (Dr or PhD).

A thesis, also known as a dissertation, is a book - written by a PhD student - containing a scientific treatise on a particular topic. In essence, the PhD student is reporting on independent scientific research that they have personally conducted. The thesis can consist of a combination of scientific papers that may or may not been previously published.

At ACTA, around sixty researchers are working on their doctoral research. This includes those with a formal appointment as a PhD student, and members of staff at ACTA who - in addition to their normal duties - conduct doctoral research as visiting members of staff. The PhD programme of the Faculty of Dentistry is provided by the ACTA Graduate School of Dentistry (AGSD). Any questions about the PhD programme should be addressed to:

  • The research coordinator (Martijn van Steenbergen), for questions concerning scientific meetings, courses, articles for conferences, housing and general affairs.
  • The secretary (Hans Korfage & Martine Meijer), for questions concerning administrative matters.
  • The director (Vincent Everts), for questions concerning on research progress.

In addition, there is an independent confidential advisor for PhD students at ACTA, in the person of Ms Hayat Bouzrou, of the HR Department.

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