Bolscher, J.G.M.

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acta ( mondgezondh )
Assistant professor (Oral Biochemistry)


  • Oral Biochemistry
  • Cell-/Microbiology
  • Glycobiology

Professional interests

  • Protection and maintenance of oral mucosa. 
  • Peptide design and synthesis (structure-function relationship)
  • Salivary glycoconjugates

Professional employment history

1996- presentResearcher, Assistant Professor, Dept of Oral Biochemistry, ACTA
1992-1996Research Associate, Dept of Oral Biochemistry, ACTA
1988-1992Research Associate, Div Cellular Biochemistry, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
1984-1988PhD-student, Div Experimental Cytology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
1981-1984Research Fellow of the Dutch Cancer Foundation, Div Experimental Cytology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
1978-1979Research Teaching Fellow, Department of Microbiology, University of Groningen

Selected scientific publications

Bolscher JGM, Oudhoff MJ, Nazmi K, Antos JM, Guimaraes CP, Spooner E, Haney EF, Garcia Vallejo JJ, Vogel HJ, Van't Hof W, Ploegh HL, Veerman ECI. Sortase A as a tool for high-yield histatin cyclization. FASEB J. 25, 2650-2658, 2011.
Oudhoff MJ, Kroeze KL, Nazmi K, van den Keijbus PA, van 't Hof W, Fernandez-Borja M, Hordijk PL, Gibbs S, Bolscher JGM, Veerman ECI. Structure-activity analysis of histatin, a potent wound healing peptide from human saliva: cyclization of histatin potentiates molar activity 1,000-fold. FASEB J.  23:3928-35, 2009.
Bolscher JGM, Adão R, Nazmi K, Van den Keybus PAM, Van 't Hof W, Nieuw Amerongen AV, Bastos M, Veerman ECI. Bactericidal activity of LFchimera is stronger and less sensitive to ionic strength than its constituent lactoferricin and lactoferrampin peptides. Biochimie, 91, 123-132, 2008. 
Bolscher JGM, Nazmi K, Ran LJ, Van Engelenburg FAC, Schuitemaker H, Veerman ECI and Nieuw Amerongen AV. Inhibition of HIV-1 IIIB and clinical isolates by human parotid, submandibular, sublingual and palatine saliva. Eur J Oral Sci 110, 149-156, 2002. 
Bolscher JGM, Van der Bijl MMW, Neefjes JJ, Hall A, Smets LA,  Ploegh HL. Ras (proto)oncogene induces N-linked carbohydrate modification: temporal relationship with induction of invasive potential. EMBO J. 7, 3361-3368, 1988.

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