Everts, V.

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acta ( mondgezondh )
Professor (Oral Cell Biology)


  • Cell Biology
  • Microscopy

Professional interests

  • Bone Biology
  • Connective tissue remodeling
  • Proteolytic enzymes

Professional employment history

2006-presentDirector of Research, ACTA
2003-presentFull Professor, ACTA, Dept Oral Cell Biology
1987-2003Associate Professor ACTA, University of Amsterdam/VU University
1987-2003Assistant Professor AMC, University of Amsterdam
1982-1987PhD student
1971-1981EM-Technician, Dept Cell Biology & Histology 

Selected scientific publications

Everts, V., Korper, W., Jansen, D.C., Steinfort, J., Lammerse, I., Heera, S., Docherty, A.J.P., and Beertsen, W.
Functional heterogeneity of osteoclasts: matrix metalloproteinases participate in osteoclastic resorption of calvarial bone but not in resorption of long bone. FASEB J., 13, 1219-1230.
Everts, V., Korper, W., Hoeben, K.A., Jansen, D.C., Bromme, D., Cleutjens, K.B.J.M., Heeneman, S., Peters, C., Reinheckel, T., Saftig, P. and Beertsen, W. (2006)
Osteoclastic bone degradation and the role of different cysteine proteinases and matrix metalloproteinases: differences between calvaria and long bone. J. Bone Min. Res. 21, 1399-1408.
Berendsen, D., Smit, T.H., Hoeben, K.A., Walboomers, X/F., Bronckers, A.L.J.J. and Everts, V. (2007)
Alkaline phosphatase-induced mineral deposition to anchor collagen fibrils to a solid surface. Biomaterials 28, 3530-3536.
Johansson, M.K., De Vries, T.J., Schoenmaker, T., Ehinger, M., Brun, A.C.M., Fasth, A., Karlsson, S., Everts, V. and Richter, J. (2007)
Hematopoietic stem cell-targeted neonatal gene therapy reverses lethally progressive osteopetrosis in oc/oc mice. Blood 109, 5178-5185.
Everts V, de Vries TJ, Helfrich MH. (2009)
Osteoclast heterogeneity: lessons from osteopetrosis and inflammatory conditions. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1792:757-65.

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