Gorter, R.C.

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Associate professor (Social Dentistry and Behavioural Sciences)


  • Psychology
  • Social dentistry

Professional interests

  • Communication and career aspects of general dental practitioners;
  • Staff communication, work stress, burnout, and job satisfaction

Professional employment history

Associate professor with the department of Social Dentistry & Behavioural Sciences 
1990-presentTeaching communication skills and behavioural aspects of working as a health professional to both dental students and graduated dentists

Selected scientific publications

Luijk, S.J. van, Gorter, R.C., Mook, W.N.K.A. van (2010)
Promoting professional behaviour in undergraduate medical, dental and veterinary curricula in the Netherlands: Evaluation of a joined effort. Medical Teacher 32, 733-739.

Gorter, R., Freeman, R., Hammen, S., Murtomaa, H., Blinkhorn, A., Humphris, G (2008).
Psychological stress and health in undergraduate dental students: fifth year outcomes comparison compared with first year baseline results from five European dental schools. European Journal of Dental Education 12, 61-68.

Gorter, R.C., Freeman, R. (2005).
Dentist – assistant communication style: Perceived gender differences in The Netherlands and Northern – Ireland. Community Dentistry & Oral Epidemiology, 33,131-140.

Gorter, R.C., Eijkman, M.A.J., Hoogstraten, J. (2001).
A career counseling program for dentists: effects on burnout. Patient Education and Counseling, 43, 23-30.

Gorter, R.C., Albrecht, G., Hoogstraten, J., Eijkman, M.A.J. (1999).
Professional burnout among Dutch dentists. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, 27, 109-116.

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