Korfage, J.A.M.

+31 20 59 80850
acta ( mondgezondh )
Analist (Functional Anatomy)


  • Anatomy
  • Dentistry
  • Muscle adaptation

Professional interests

  • Adaptation of muscle fibres
  • Regeneration of muscle fibres
  • Jaw muscles

Professional employment history

2004PhD in Dentistry
1986 - presentAnalist (dept. Functional Anatomy, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam)
1980 - 1986Analist (dept. Anatomy and Embryology, University of Amsterdam)
1976 - 1980Student Histology, Pathology & Anatomy (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) 

Selected scientific publications

Korfage JAM, Wang J, Lie  SHJTJ, Langenbach GEJ. Influence of Botulinum toxin on rabbit jaw muscle activity and anatomy. Muscle Nerve 45: 684-691, 2012.
Kawai N, Sano R, Korfage JA, Nakamura S, Kinouchi N, Kawakami E, Tanne K, Langenbach GE, Tanaka E. Adaptation of rat jaw muscle fibers in postnatal development with a different food consistency: an immunohistochemical and electromyographic study. J. Anat. 216: 717-723, 2010.
Korfage JA, Helmers R, Matignon M de G, van Wessel T, Langenbach GE, van Eijden TM. Postnatal development of fiber type composition in rabbit jaw and leg muscles. Cells Tissues Organs 190: 42-52, 2009.
Korfage JA, Van Wessel T, Langenbach GE, Ay F, van Eijden TM. Postnatal transitions in myosin heavy chain isoforms of the rabbit Superficial masseter and digastric muscle. J. Anat. 208: 734-751, 2006.
Korfage JA, Koolstra JH, Langebach GE, van Eijden TM. Fibertype composition of the human jaw muscles—(part 1) origin and functional significance of fiber-type diversity—(part 2) role of hybrid fibers and factors responsible for inter-individual variation. J. Dent. Res. 84: 774-793, 2005.

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