Kuitert, R.B.

Lecturer (Orthodontics)


  • Orthodontics

Professional interests

  • Histological changes in the periodontal ligament and the gingiva during the first 24 hours of   orthodontic tooth movement in rabbits
  • Histology of tooth movement
  • Stability of orthodontic treatment results and post-orthodontic development
  • Treatment of patients with special problems, such as the periodontically or dentally mutilated dentitions, oncology and trauma cases and the bodily or mentallyhandicapped patient
  • Filogeny and comparative anatomy
  • History of Dutch orthodontics
  • Quality of orthodontic instruments and orthodontic materials

Professional employment history

2002 - present Tutor undergraduate orthodontic bachelor – and master research projects
1989 - presentDeputy head of the postgraduate training program / department of Orthodontics, ACTA
1978 - presentFull-time assistant professor / department of Orthodontics, ACTA 
o organisation of the graduate training program
o clinical and theoretical tutoring of the specialists in training
o training of undergraduate students
o research of long-term post treatment orthodontics
o tutor of research projects 
1974 - 1978Specialisation in Orthodontics / Vrije Universiteit
1972 - 1974General practice / Germany
1966 - 1972Universiteit van Amsterdam, Dentistry

Selected scientific publications

Kuitert, R.B.

Thesis: Histological changes in the periodontal ligament and the gingiva during the first 24 hours of orthodontic tooth movement in rabbits.Rodopi, Amsterdam, 1988
Velde, J.P. van, R.B. Kuitert, F.C. van Ginkel and B. Prahl-Andersen
Histological reactions in gingival and alveolar tissues during tooth movement in rabbits. Eur.J.Orth., 10: 296-308, 1988
Kuitert, R.B.
Wat bepaalt mislukking in de orthodontie? In: Leerzame mislukkingen uit de tandheelkundige. Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 1996. ISBN 90-313-1684-9
Kuitert, R.B.
De Kinderjaren van de Orthodontie in Nederland. ISBN 90-9007866-5, 1996

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