Renders, G.A.P.

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PhD student (Functional Anatomy)


  • Conventional microCT
  • Human temporomandibular joint
  • Bone and cartilage characteristics

Professional interests

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone-cartilage interaction
  • Contrast-enhanced microCT

Professional employment history

2010 - presentMember of ACTA PhD council
2007 - presentPhD-student Functional Anatomy
2007 - presentDentist
2008MSc in Biomedical Science
2007MSc in Dentistry
2007BSc in Biomedical Science
2003BSc in Dentistry

Selected scientific publications

Renders, G.A.P., Mulder, L., van Ruijven, L.J., van Eijden, T.M.G.J.,
Degree and distribution of mineralization in the human mandibular condyle. Calcified Tissue International 79, 190-196.
Renders, G.A.P., Mulder, L., van Ruijven, L.J., van Eijden, T.M.G.J., 2007.
Porosity of human mandibular condylar bone. Journal of Anatomy 210, 239-248.
Cioffi, I., van Ruijven, L.J., Renders, G.A.P., Farella, M., Michelotti, A., 2007.
Regional variation in mineralization and strain distributions in the cortical bone of the human mandibular condyle. Bone 41, 1051-1058.
Renders, G.A.P., Mulder, L., Langenbach, G.E.J., van Ruijven, L.J., van Eijden, T.M.G.J., 2008.
Biomechanical effect of mineral heterogeneity in trabecular bone. Journal of Biomechanics 41, 2793-2798.
Renders, G.A.P., Mulder, L., van Ruijven, L.J., Langenbach, G.E.J., van Eijden, T.M.G.J., 2010.
Mineral heterogeneity affects intratrabecular stress and strain distributions. Submission Journal of Biomechanics

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