Rosema, N.A.M.

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acta ( mondgezondh )
Other research staff (Periodontology)


  • Clinical Research
  • Periodontology

Professional interests

  • Efficacy of oral hygiene products
  • Treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases

Professional employment history

2002-presentStaff member (researcher assistant) at ACTA-Periodontology. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2000- 2002Dental Hygienist in a general practice. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1999-presentStaff member (dental hygienist) at ACTA-Periodontology. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1996-1999College for Dental Hygiene, InHolland. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Selected scientific publications

Rosema NA, Timmerman MF, Versteeg PA, van Palenstein Helderman WH, Van der Velden U, Van der Weijden GA.
Comparison of the use of different modes of mechanical oral hygiene in prevention of plaque and gingivitis. J Periodontol. 2008 Aug;79(8):1386-94.
Paraskevas S, Rosema NA, Versteeg P, Timmerman MF, van der Velden U, van der Weijden GA. J Periodontol.
The additional effect of a dentifrice on the instant efficacy of toothbrushing: a crossover study. 2007 Jun;78(6):1011-6.
Palenstein Helderman WH, Kyaing MM, Aung MT, Soe W, Rosema NAM, Van der Weijden GA,Van ’t Hof MA.
Plaque removal by young children using old and new toothbrushes. J Dent Res. 2006 Dec;85(12):1138-42.
Rosema NA, Timmerman MF, Piscaer M, Strate J, Warren PR, Van der Velden U, Van der Weijden GA.
An oscillating/pulsating electric toothbrush versus a high-frequency electric toothbrush in the treatment of gingivitis. J Dent. 2005 Jun;33 Suppl 1:29-36.
Van der Weijden GA, Timmerman MF, Novotny AG, Rosema NA, Verkerk AA.
Three different rinsing times and inhibition of plaque accumulation with chlorhexidine. J Clin Periodontol. 2005 Jan;32(1):89-92.

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