Strijp, A.J.P. van

Associate Professor (Preventive Dentistry and Cariology)


  • Cariology
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Evidence based dentistry

Professional interests

  • Caries preventive agents
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Minimal invasive dentistry

Professional employment history

2010-presentAssociate Professor Department Cariology ACTA
2007-presentLecturer Department Cariology ACTA
1986-presentResearcher ACTA Research institute
1996PhD in Preventive Dentistry and Cariology
1980-1986Researcher Department Preventive Dentistry University of Utrecht
1978DDS University of Utrecht

Selected scientific publications

Van Strijp AJP, Gerardu VAM, Buijs MJ, Van Loveren C, Ten Cate JM.
Chlorhexidine efficacy in preventing lesion formation in enamel and dentine. An in situ study. Caries Research 2008;42:460-465.
Van Strijp AJP, Jansen DC, DeGroot J, Ten Cate JM, Everts V.
Host-derived proteinases and degradation of dentine collagen in situ. Caries Research 2003;37:58-65
Van Strijp AJP, Buijs MJ, Ten Cate JM.
In situ fluoride retention in enamel and dentine after the use of an amine fluoride dentifrice and amine fluoride/sodium fluoride mouthrinse. Caries Research 1999;33:61-65
Van Strijp AJP, Van Steenbergen TJM, Ten Cate JM.
Effects of chlorhexidine on the bacterial colonization and degradation of dentin and completely demineralized dentin in situ. European Journal Oral Sciences 1997;105:27-35
Van Strijp AJP, Klont B, Ten Cate JM.
Solubilization of dentin matrix collagen in situ. Journal of Dental Research 1992;71:1498-1502

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (from 1999 until now)