Volgenant, C.M.C.

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acta ( mondgezondh ), acta ( zorginstituut )
Assistant Professor (Preventive Dentistry, Oral Kinesiology)


  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Infection Prevention
  • (Oral) Microbiology
  • Cariology

Professional interests

  • Plaque fluorescence (in relation to oral conditions)
  • Optical diagnostics of plaque and caries
  • Prevention of oral diseases
  • Microbial shifts in the oral cavity
  • Dental caries
  • Socioeconomic inequalities in oral health
  • Infection Prevention in dentistry

Professional employment history

2018 - present
Assistant Professor (Preventive Dentistry, Oral Kinesiology)
Postdoc researcher (Preventive Dentistry, Oral Kinesiology, Periodontology)
2016 - present
Coordinator Infection Control
2016PhD Preventive Dentistry
2009 - presentDentist, general practitioner
2009 - 2010Lecturer general dentistry at ACTA
2009MSc Dentistry with honours

Selected Scientific Publications

Volgenant, C.M.C., & de Soet, J.J. (2018). Cross-transmission in the Dental Office: Does This Make You Ill? Current oral health reports, 5(4), 221-228.
Volgenant, C.M.C., & Persoon, I.F. (2018). Microbial water quality management of dental unit water lines at a dental school. Journal of hospital infection.
Volgenant, C.M.C., Zaura, E., Brandt, B.W., Buijs, M.J., Tellez, M., Malik, G., Ismail, A.I., ten Cate, J.M., & van der Veen, M.H. (2017). Red fluorescence of dental plaque in children—a cross-sectional study. Journal of dentistry, 58, 40-47.
Volgenant, C.M.C., Hoogenkamp, M.A., Krom, B.P., Janus, M.M., ten Cate, J.M., de Soet, J.J., Crielaard, W., & van der Veen, M.H. (2016). Red and green fluorescence from oral biofilms. PloS one, 11(12), e0168428.

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (from 1999 until now)

Ancillary activities

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