Visscher, C.M.

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Senior lecturer (Oral Kinesiology)


  • Temporomandibular Disorders
  • Physical Therapy
  • Epidemiology

Professional interests

  • Diagnostics
  • Chronic pain
  • Heritability

Professional employment history

2003-presentSenior lecturer, dept. of Kinesiology, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam
2000-2003Post-doc, dept. of Oral Kinesiology, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam
1996-2009Lecturer, Hogeschool Inholland, Amsterdam
2007Master in Epidemiology
1994Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Selected scientific publications

Visscher CM, Ohrbach R, van Wijk AJ, Wilkosz M, Naeije M.
The Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia for Temporomandibular Disorders (TSK-TMD) (Pain, accepted 2010)
Visscher CM, Naeije M, De Laat A, Michelotti A, Nilner M, Craane B, Ekberg EC, Farella M, Lobbezoo.
Diagnostic Accuracy of Temporomandibular Pain Tests. A Multicenter Study. J Orofac Pain 2009;23(2):108-114.
Visscher CM, Lobbezoo F, Naeije M.
A reliability study of dynamic and static pain tests in temporomandibular disorder patients. J Orofac Pain 2007;21(1):39-45.
Visscher CM, Hofman N, Mes C, Lousberg R, Naeije M.
Is temporomandibular pain in chronic whiplash associated disorders part of a more widespread pain syndrome? Clin J Pain 2005; 21(4):353-357.
Visscher CM, Lobbezoo F, Boer W de, Zaag Jac van de, Naeije M.
Prevalence of cervical spinal pain in craniomandibular pain patients. Eur J Oral Sci 2001;109:76-80.

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