Zaura, E.

+31 20 59 80684
acta ( mondgezondh )
University Research Chair Professor (Preventive Dentistry)


  • Oral microbial ecology
  • Cariology
  • Bioinformatics

Professional interests

  • Acquiring and maintaining a healthy oral ecosystem
  • Commensal microbial shifts from health to disease
  • Interactions in complex microbial communities

Professional employment history

University Research Chair Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; professor in Oral Microbial Ecology at Dept. of Preventive Dentistry, ACTA
2014 - 2016
Associate professor in oral microbial ecology at ACTA, Preventive Dentistry
2010 – 2014Senior Research Associate in Oral Microbial Ecology at ACTA, CPD
2003 – 2010Researcher in Experimental Preventive Dentistry at ACTA, CEP
2002 – 2003Post Doc in Experimental Preventive Dentistry at ACTA, CEP
2002PhD in Preventive Dentistry at ACTA, CEP
1997MSc in General Dentistry at Stradina University, Riga, Latvia
1995DDS at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and at Stradina University, Riga, Latvia

Selected scientific publications

Zaura E, Brandt BW, Prodan A, Teixeira de Mattos MJ, Imangaliyev S, Kool J, Buijs MJ, Jagers FL, Hennequin-Hoenderdos NL, Slot DE, Nicu EA, Lagerweij MD, Janus MM, Fernandez-Gutierrez MM, Levin E, Krom BP, Brand HS, Veerman EC, Kleerebezem M, Loos BG, van der Weijden GA, Crielaard W, Keijser BJ (2017). On the ecosystemic network of saliva in healthy young adults. ISME J 11:1218-1231.
Bizzarro S, Laine ML, Buijs MJ, Brandt BW, Crielaard W, Loos BG, Zaura E (2016).
Microbial profiles at baseline and not the use of antibiotics determine the clinical outcome of the treatment of chronic periodontitis. Sci Rep 6:20205. doi: 10.1038/srep20205.
Zaura E, Brandt BW, Teixeira de Mattos MJ, Buijs MJ, Caspers MP, Rashid MU, Weintraub A, Nord CE, Savell A, Hu Y, Coates AR, Hubank M, Spratt DA, Wilson M, Keijser BJ, Crielaard W (2015).
Same exposure but two radically different responses to antibiotics: resilience of the salivary microbiome versus long-term microbial shifts in feces. MBio 6(6):e01693-15. doi: 10.1128/mBio.01693-15.
Zaura E, Keijser BJ, Huse SM, Crielaard W
Defining the healthy "core microbiome" of oral microbial communities. BMC Microbiol 9:259.
Zaura-Arite E, van Marle J, ten Cate JM (2001).
Confocal microscopy study of undisturbed and chlorhexidine-treated dental biofilm. J Dent Res 80:1436-40.

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