Paediatric Dentistry

The aim of this programme is to train postgraduate students in paediatric dentistry on a specialist level to apply treatment modalities for coping with children who have behavioural and psychological problems and to differentiate between age-appropriate behaviour and developmental disturbances. In addition to weekly courses, lectures and tutorials, the programme includes three months of training at a paediatric hospital, comparable training programmes at the oral surgery department of a university hospital and several specialist dental care clinics.

Organising department and faculty
The programme is organised by the department of Cariology Endodontology Pedodontology. The profile and course director a.i. is Dr Clarissa Bonifácio. She received both her PhD degree and her specialist training at the VU University Amsterdam. The paediatric section has international relationships with developing countries, is interested in the ART technique for treating caries and carries out extensive studies on behavioural management and idiopathic enamel disturbances.

Tuition fee 
The tuition fee of the programme in this profile is €12,500 per year for the academic year 2019-2020.

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