ACTA Graduate School of Dentistry

Graduate schools are often established within universities. Their mission is to provide research training. Graduate Schools incorporate both Research Master’s and PhD programmes, mainly for the purpose of improving interconnections between them.

At ACTA, three separate groups are involved with the ACTA Graduate School of Dentistry (AGSD):

  • students taking a Research Master’s;
  • postgraduate students training in research that is part of a postgraduate programme at one of the clinical departments;
  • and PhD students.

AGSD’s mission is to organize an appropriate programme for PhD students. Once they have obtained their doctorate, they are able to work as independent researchers in a competitive market. ACTA has no Research Master’s, so this component - which in many other faculties is part of the graduate school - is not to be found in the ACTA Graduate School. However, there are collaborative ventures with the research internship in the Master's phase of the Dentistry programme at ACTA and with the postgraduate programmes in ACTA.

Further details about obtaining a PhD can be obtained at: PhD/Graduate School.