postgraduateThe department of orthodontics at ACTA provides dentists a four-year full-time international postgraduate training in the dento-maxillary orthopedics or orthodontics. The program meets the requirements Erasmus and results in registration as a specialist in orthodontics according to EU Directive 78/686/EEC. The program approved and recognized by the College Dental Specialties (CTS) of the NMT, the professional association for dentists and dental specialists in the Netherlands. The purpose of this training is to promote ongoing education, conducting research in the field of orthodontics, and supporting the dental education in general.

During training, both general dental subjects and more specific topics related to orthodontics, i.e. diagnosis, treatment planning and execution, are covered. Specialists in training write a scientific article on the basis of research performed during training. Teaching Bachelor and Master students dentistry is a mandatory part of the course.

Orthodontics is a structured, comprehensive program that provides a solid foundation. Moreover, the specialists in training get practical experience in various treatment methods, both removable and fixed appliances. The specialist in training will learn:

  • To treat different types of cases, including cases in which an interdisciplinary approach is needed;
  • To perform research and to review scientific publications.

To be admitted to the course the applicant must have a degree from an accredited dental education by the European Union. Mastering the Dutch language is also a requirement. 

Upon successful completion of the course graduates will receive a certificate of orthodontics, which is valid throughout the EU. To obtain this certificate, the  candidate must pass the final evaluation which is conducted by the Consultative DMO which is set by the Registration Committee Dental Specialties (RTS). The specialists in training are also given the opportunity to participate in the examination for the Membership of Orthodontics (Morth) of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Duration of training

Orthodontics is a four-year full-time internal postgraduate training that starts in October every second year. Six postgraduate students will be admitted per group. At this moment we have no vacancies for this program. Between November 2021 till  the end of January 2022, you can apply for a position in the group from 2022 till 2026

Information and to register

Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam
Attn. Secretariat orthodontic specialist training
Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004
1081 LA Amsterdam

Mail: secretariat orthodontics; specialisten.ortho@acta.nl
Tel. + 31 (0)20-59 80575 (present on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)