Simodont ervaringen animatieSeveral ACTA employees are involved in the Simodont Dental Trainer project. The following are comments on the project by some of these members of staff.

"Simodont Dental Trainer is truly groundbreaking. It's great fun and very exciting to be able to pioneer the use of the latest technology, and to combine various items of software, hardware and 3D models to achieve a realistic simulation.

Image: Left to right: Bassam Hassam, Pepijn Koopman, and Dirk Bakker

However, we are not satisfied with the prototypes until they are operationally stable and until the students and lecturers are pleased about the way they work. For us, that is what it is all about.”

Bassam Hassam (3D models)
Dirk Bakker (dental expertise)
Pepijn Koopman (courseware)

ACTA dentist-lecturers have acquainted themselves with Simodont Dental Trainer. They have tested this new teaching method. Input from dentist-lecturers is essential for the further development of this system. Simodont Dental Trainer offers lecturers new options for giving students feedback on their exercises and skills.