The preliminary programme is listed below. You can also download the complete programme here: Programme 2012. For more information on the postersessions, please download the following document: IOT postersessions 2012. The scientific programme will be based upon suggestions by professors. For participants from one of the Dutch dental schools the registration fee will be paid for by the respective university or UMC. The registration fee for other participants amounts €190 (including all meals and one overnight).

Thursday February 2

13.25/13.30Welcome: Frank Lobbezoo (charmain IOT)
13.30/15.00Session I: (chair: Arjen van Wijk, ACTA)
13.30/13.45Jan Harm Koolstra (Functional Anatomy, ACTA)
Biomechanical analysis of the influence of friction in jaw joint disorders
13.45/14.00Anneloes Gerritsen (Oral function and Prosthetic dentistry, UMC St Radboud)
A case-control study on shortened dental arches – clinical course and interventions over a period of 28-35 years
14.00/14.15Janice Overman (Oral Cell Biology / Oral Surgery, ACTA)
Osteogenic differentiation of BMP-2-induced human adipose stem cells seeded on biphasic calcium phosphate and β-tricalcium phosphate carriers
14.15/14.30Denise van Diermen (Social Dentistry / Oral Surgery, ACTA )
Oral antithrombotic medication and invasive dental treatment; survey in Dutch dentists and oral and maxilllofacial surgeons 
14.30/14.45Nivedita Cukkemane (Oral Biochemistry, ACTA)
Development of anti-erosive peptide coatings
14.45/15.00Jacques van der Zaag (Oral Kinesiology, ACTA)
Sleep Bruxism. Contemporary insights in diagnosis, etiology, and management
15.30/17.00Session II: (chair: Arie Jan van Winkelhoff, UMCG)
15.30/15.45Joris Muris (Dental Materials Science, ACTA )
Palladium allergy- a dental issue and highly underestimated
15.45/16.00Brandon Peterson (Biomedical engineering, UMCG)
Centrifugal damage of bacteria influence viscoelastic properties in mixed species oral biofilms
16.00/16.15Elisabeth Brouns (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery / Oral Pathology, ACTA / VUmc) DNA ploidy measurement in oral leukoplakia
16.15/16.30Ghizlane Aarab (Oral Kinesiology, ACTA)
Long-term follow-up of a randomized controlled trial of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea
16.30/16.45Toon Ligtenberg (Oral Biochemsitry, ACTA)
Complement activation by salivary agglutinin
16.45/17.00 Gang Wu (Oral Implantology, ACTA)
Layer-by-layer assembled BMP-2-incorporated biomimetic calcium-phosphate granules induce bone formation 
17.00/18.00Session III: poster session and aperitif (A total of about 23 posters will be displayed) 
20.00/21.00Session IV: Guest Lecture Prof.dr. George Borm (Epidemiology Biostatistics and HTA, UMC St. Radboud) Title: Lies, damned lies, and research findings?

Friday February 3

07.15/08.15Breakfast and Registration
08.30/10.00Session V: (chair: Bas Loomans, UMC St Radboud)
08.30/09.00Keynote lecture Bob ten Cate (Preventive Dentistry, ACTA)
Dental caries, a multidisciplinary challenge
09.00/09.15Bastiaan Krom (Preventive Dentistry, ACTA)
title to be confirmed
09.15/09.30Ghazal Khashayar (Dental Materials Science, ACTA)
The science of tooth color
09.30/09.45Menke de Smit (Center for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene, UMCG)
Periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis
09.45/10.00Marjolein Blaauboer (Oral Cell Biology, ACTA)
Identification of processes related to collagen deposition during pulmonary fibrosis
10.30/12.00Session VI: (chair: Jan Harm Koolstra, ACTA)
10.30/10.45Caroline van Houtem (Social Dentistry/Preventive Dentistry, ACTA)
Intrusive memories in highly anxious and dental phobic individuals
10.45/11.00Yan He (Biomedical engineering, UMCG)
Influence of viscoelasticity of the biofilm on the penetration of chlorhexidine
11.00/11.15Yvonne de Waal (Center for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene, UMCG)
Microbiology of peri-implantitis
11.15/11.30Tie Liu (Oral Implantology, ACTA)
Critical sized bone defect healing in a sheep model
11.30/11.45Azin Parsa (Oral Radiology, ACTA)
Reliability of Cone Beam Computed Tomography density measurement for pre-operative endosseous implant placement
11.45/12.00Gertjan Dicker (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Functional Anatomy, ACTA/VUmc)
Positional changes of masseter and medial pterygoid muscles after surgical mandibular advancement
13.15/13.30Presentation Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum – Thoden van Velzen Onderzoekprijs
The Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum /Thoden van Velzen Onderzoekprijs will be awarded to the authors of the best scientific publication in dentistry based in research performed in the Netherlands, and published in 2010 or 2011. The award consists of a certificate and  € 2250, made available by  Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, one of the leading publishers on health sciences in the Netherlands.
13.30/15.00Session VII: (chair: Bastiaan Krom, ACTA)
13.30/13.45Michail Koutris (Oral Kinesiology, ACTA)
Overloading the masticatory muscles: pathophysiological and diagnostic considerations
13.45/14.00Françoise van de Sande (Preventive and Curative Dentistry, UMC St Radboud)
Secondary caries
14.00/14.15Nop Willems (Orthodontics and Functional Anatomy, ACTA)
A higher number of pentosidine cross-links after ribose treatment does not alter tissue stiffness of cancellous bone
14.15/14.30Sergio Bizzarro  (Periodontology, ACTA)
Pyrosequence analysis of subgingival microbiome in periodontitis: comparison between smokers and non smokers
14.30/14.45Bert van der Glas (Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics and Special Dental Care, UMCU)
Computer simulation of food comminution in man: the influence of changes in selection and breakage of food particles while chewing
14.45/15.00Floris Bikker (Oral Biochemistry, ACTA)
Protease-based diagnostics of P. gingivalis
15.00/15.05Presentation of the GSK-IOT award for the best oral presentation of a junior scientist during the Lunterenen meeting 2012