English Writing and Presenting

General Information
Scientific audiences seek clarity, accuracy and credibility. This very practical course shows writers and presenters how to achieve them, giving guidelines that we test in practice, first in your writing, and later in your presentations.

Using peer and training feedback, we first work on participants’ Abstracts and Introductions. We then move to other parts of the article (including  the title) and also to scientific posters. Writing feedback continues after the course in one-to-one sessions with the trainer.

Language and grammar

To write a good scientific article, you don’t need a comprehensive knowledge of English grammar. But you do need to know the essentials and how to apply them consistently. By focusing consistently on these essentials, we also provide the principles for unlearning some of the bad writing habits you may have acquired over the years.


The principles of the writing course are extended in your presentations. Each participant presents twice, ensuring that they:

  • understand and meet their audiences’ needs
  • structure and link their information logically
  • properly match spoken and visual inputs
  • deal effectively with questions and other audience inputs.

Feedback is provided by participants and trainer and alike. By providing an environment in which it is safe to make mistakes, the course helps nervous presenters to find the confidence they need, and allows all presenters to experiment with new presentational formats.


The writing part of the course is held once a year, on five days from March to May. Three days on presentation follow in May and June.

Language of instruction


Wednesday 15th of MarchWednesday 31st  of May
Wednesday 29th of MarchWednesday 07st of June
Wednesday 12th of AprilWednesday 14st of June
Wednesday 26th of April
Wednesday 17th of May

The course is open only to PhD students at ACTA. Because they will be working on their own writing, it is essential that they are already writing papers for their thesis. The course can accommodate a maximum of 14 students.

Credits: 4 ECTS

Application deadline and subscription
Friday, February 27, 2016
mailto: onderzoekinstituut@acta.nl