Brandt, B.W.

+31 20 59 80401
u-303, 13n-69
faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( bioinformatica ), acta ( mondgezondh )
Assistant Professor


  • Bioinformatics
  • Sequence analysis

Professional interests

  • Protein function prediction
  • Metagenomics

Professional employment history

2011-presentAssistant Professor Bioinformatics ACTA
2007-2011Postdoc Bioinformatics, VU University, Amsterdam
2002-2007Postdoc Bioinformatics, LUMC, Leiden
2002PhD, Theorical Biology, VU University, Amsterdam

Selected scientific publications

  • Bonder MJ, Abeln S, Zaura E, Brandt BW. 2012. Comparing clustering and pre-processing in taxonomy analysis. Bioinformatics 28(22): 2891-2897.
  • Brandt BW, Bonder MJ, Huse SM, Zaura E. 2012. TaxMan: a server to trim rRNA reference databases and inspect taxonomic coverage. Nucleic Acids Res. 40(W1): W82-W87.
  • De Groot PWJ, Brandt BW, Horiuchi H, Ram AFJ, de Koster CG, Klis FM. 2009. Comprehensive genomic analysis of cell wall genes in Aspergillus nidulans. Fungal Genet Biol. 46: S72-S81.
  • Brandt BW, Zwaan BJ, Beekman M, Westendorp RGJ, Slagboom PE. 2005. Shuttling between species for pathways of lifespan regulation: a central role for the vitellogenin gene family? Bioessays 27(3): 339-346.

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