Kleverlaan, C.J.

Associate professor (Dental Material Sciences)


  • Dental materials science
  • Biocompatibility

Professional interests

  • Filling materials like composites and glass-ionomers
  • Bonding and adhesion between different dental materials and the tooth
  • Metal allergy

Professional employment history

2005-presentAssociate professor at department of dental materials science at ACTA
2005-2001Assistant professor at department of dental materials science at ACTA
2001-2000Researcher at Chemistry University of Amsterdam
1997-2000Researcher at Chemistry Università degli Studi di Ferrara
1993-1997PhD in Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam
1993-1989Chemistry University of Amsterdam

Selected scientific publications

Jongsma, LA, Bolhuis, PB, Pallav, P, Feilzer, AJ, Kleverlaan, CJ.
Benefits of a Two-step Cementation Procedure for Prefabricated Fiber Posts, JOURNAL OF ADHESIVE DENTISTRY, 12 (1): 55-62 FEB 2010
Muris, J, Kleverlaan, CJ, Feilzer, AJ, Rustemeyer, T.
Sodium tetrachloropalladate (Na2[PdCl4]) as an improved test salt for palladium allergy patch testing, CONTACT DERMATITIS, 58 (1): 42-46 2008
Aboushelib, MN, Kleverlaan, CJ, Feilzer, AJ.
Microtensile bond strength of different components of core veneered all-ceramic restorations - Part II: Zirconia veneering ceramics, DENTAL MATERIALS, 22 (9): 857-863 SEP 2006
Kleverlaan, CJ; Feilzer, AJ.
Polymerization shrinkage and contraction stress of dental resin composites, DENTAL MATERIALS, 21 (12): 1150-1157.
Ashton, PR; Ballardini, R; Balzani, V; Credi, A; Dress, KR; Ishow, E; Kleverlaan, CJ; Kocian, O; Preece, JA; Spencer, N; Stoddart, JF; Venturi, M; Wenger, S.
A photochemically driven molecular-level abacus, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 6 (19): 3558-3574 OCT 2 2000

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