Veen, M.H. van der

+31 20 59 80437
acta ( mondgezondh )
Other research staff (Experimental Preventive Dentistry Cariology)


  • Optical diagnostics
  • Cariology
  • Prevention

Professional interests

  • Optical diagnostics of caries and plaque
  • Plaque fluorescence in relation to oral condition
  • Diagnostics as tool for patient motivation

Professional employment history

2009 - presentLecturer, Evidence Based Practice, Oral Hygiene, School of Health, INHOLLAND, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2007 - 2009Lecturer, Plaque related diseases, Dental School, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.
2007 - presentResearch Fellow,  Cariology/EPT, ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2005 - presentHonorary Lecturer, Plaque related diseases, Dental School, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.
1997 - 2007Guest Scientist, Cariology/EPT, ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1997 - 2007Senior Science Officer, Inspektor research Systems BV. Optical diagnostics of caries and plaque.
1995 - 1997Assistant professor, Oral Health Research Institute, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN, USA.
1995GKSS Polymer Sciences, Teltow, Germany; implementation of an optical system for a-spherical droplet shape analysis.
1991 - 1995AIO, Materia Technica, RUG,Groningen, The Netherlands. Quantification of root surface caries lesions. 

Selected scientific publications

van der Veen MH, Attin R, Schwestka-Polly R, Wiechmann D.

Caries outcomes after orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances: do lingual brackets make a difference? Eur J Oral Sci 2010;118;298-303
van der Veen MH, Thomas RZ, Huysmans MC, de Soet JJ.
Red autofluorescence of dental plaque bacteria. Caries Res 2006;40:542-545.
Heinrich-Weltzien R, Kuhnisch J, van der Veen M, de Josselin de Jong E, Stosser L.
Quantitative light-induced fluorescence (qlf)--a potential method for the dental practitioner. Quintessence Int 2003;34:181-188.
van der Veen MH, Ando M, Stookey GK, de Josselin de Jong E.
A monte carlo simulation of the influence of sound enamel scattering coefficient on lesion visibility in light-induced fluorescence. Caries Res 2002;36:10-18.
van der Veen MH, de Josselin de Jong E.
Application of quantitative light-induced fluorescence for assessing early caries lesions. Monogr Oral Sci 2000;17:144-162.

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (from 1999 until now)