Vries, T.J. de

+31 20 59 80223
acta ( mondgezondh )
Assistant professor (Periodontology)


  • Cell Biology
  • Bone Biology

Professional interests

  • Osteoclasts
  • Bone
  • Periodontitis

Professional employment history

2007 - presentUniversity lecturer/Assistant professor
2002 - 2007KNAW fellow “Cellular and nuclear diversity of osteoclasts”
1999 - 2002Post-doc. “Osteoclastogenesis” IOT, ACTA
1995 - 1999Post-doc., Dutch Cancer Society project “Molecular detection of circulating melanoma cells”, Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen
1991 - 1995Ph.D. student. “Plasminogen activation in melanocytic tumors”  Radboud University Medical Centre Nijmegen

Selected scientific publications

De Vries TJ, Schoenmaker T, Hooibrink B, Leenen PJ, and Everts V.

Myeloid blasts are the mouse bone marrow cells prone to differentiate into osteoclasts. J Leukoc Biol 2009, 85: 919-927
De Vries TJ, Mullender MG, van Duin MA, Semeins CM, James N, Green TP, Everts V, and Klein-Nulend J.
The Src inhibitor AZD0530 reversibly inhibits the formation and activity of human osteoclasts. Mol Cancer Res 2009, 7: 476-488
Smink JJ, Begay V, Schoenmaker T, Sterneck E, De Vries TJ, and Leutz A.
Transcription factor C/EBPbeta isoform ratio regulates osteoclastogenesis through MafB. EMBO J 2009, 28: 1769-1781
Johansson MK, De Vries TJ, Schoenmaker T, Ehinger M, Brun AC, Fasth A, Karlsson S, Everts V, and Richter J.
Hematopoietic stem cell-targeted neonatal gene therapy reverses lethally progressive osteopetrosis in oc/oc mice. Blood 2007, 109: 5178-5185
De Vries TJ, Fourkour A, Wobbes T, Verkroost G, Ruiter DJ, and Van Muijen GNP.
Heterogeneous expression of immunotherapy candidate proteins gp100, MART-1 and tyrosinase in human melanoma cell lines and in human melanocytic lesions. Cancer Res 1997, 57: 3223-3229

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