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The department of Endodontology in ACTA has offered a post-graduate endodontic program since 1992. It is one of very few English-speaking post graduate program in Europe outside of the UK. The information below is useful for anyone who is interested in applying to this program.

Please read it carefully.

The aim of this program is to train dentists in endodontology on a specialist level. The program, a highly integrated selection of courses, emphasizes the development of a strong basic scientific background coupled with advanced diagnostic and clinical skills. In addition to seminars and tutorials, a considerable amount of time is devoted to treatment of patients referred by general practitioners. This clinical part involves extensive training in diagnosis and treatment of endodontic diseases, pain and trauma, surgical endodontics, and special-care patient’s groups. Research training within the field of endodontology is also part of the program. The results of the research project should be presented in the form of a written report which is suitable for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. This approach is intended to prepare motivated individuals for a career in a multitude of areas, including clinical practice, teaching and research. The program director is Dr. Hagay Shemesh who is further supported by 8 endodontic specialists who work part-time at ACTA. Guest lecturers from all over the world come frequently to share their ideas with the post graduate students. Only BIG certified dentists (with a Dutch diploma or another  EU diploma recognized for the BIG registration) could apply for the program.

Program duration
The program is three years full-time education, consisting of four days of attendance and one day self-study. The teaching is conducted in English. However, Dutch speakers have definitely an advantage especially when treating patients.

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