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The tuition is €13.000 per year. However, the costs are subject to change, so please be informed beforehand by the department.

Citizens of EU countries or holders of a Dutch resident permit could apply for the program as they also have a BIG registration number recognizing their dental education.

After passing the final exams, the candidate will be awarded a Clinical Specialty Certificate in Endodontology recognized by the Dutch Association of Endodontology.

Application for the course starting September 2016 have to arrive the department before December 31, 2015. However, we recommend not postponing the application to the last minute.
All applications that arrive later than 1 January 2016 will be automatically rejected.

The program is aimed at postgraduate students who have a dental degree from a dental school accredited by the European Union or from an institute of similar accreditation and who have had at least three years’ experience in general dental practice prior to commencing the program.

Please do not apply if you have less than 3 years of clinical experience after graduating.

A letter of application (your motivations and plans for the future), accompanied by two letters of recommendation (preferably from university staff members), a short curriculum vitae and a copy of the dental degree certificate should be submitted for application as well as any other relevant certificates or letters. Incomplete applications which miss any of these will not be considered. The following factors could be advantageous for the pre-selection stage: PhD degree from a recognized European (or other) university, attendance of extended courses in endodontology, participation in international congresses and meetings, reference letters from known researchers or educators in the Endodontic field.

Applications are to be sent to the department secretary either by post or electronically:

Dr. Hagay Shemesh
Department of  Endodontology - ACTA
Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004
1081 LA Amsterdam
The Netherlands