Science - Parodontologie (2)

Dental research at the Academic Centre for Dentistry (ACTA) focuses on the study of health and diseases of the tissues in and around the oral cavity. Oral Infections & Inflammation (OI&I) and Oral Regenerative Medicine (ORM) have been formulated the two priority research areas ('zwaartepunt') of ACTA.

Periodontology takes part in both these priority areas
OI&I: This research program is devoted to clarify the individual differences in susceptibility to periodontitis and to investigate the mechanisms involved in periodontal breakdown and repair/regeneration.

In addition the evaluation of the efficacy of new preventive and therapeutic measures is part of the program ORM: The research of Bioengineering of Bone and Periodontium of the Department of Oral Cell Biology studies the biological processes of functional adaptation and guided regeneration of bone and periodontium. Research focuses on fundamental aspects of mechanotransduction, and tissue engineering of bone, cartilage, and periodontium. The results are used in more applied research towards repair and regeneration of jawbone and periodontium, and prevention/treatment of infections around implants.

The ACTA research on ORM is also included in the interdisciplinary research institute MOVE, a collaboration between the faculty of Human Movement Sciences, the VU University Medical Center and ACTA. ACTA’s research within MOVE makes up a large part of the research focus Bioengineering, reconstruction and function recovery of dental tissue and bone.

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