M Oral Health Sciences

Master's Programme in Oral Health Sciences (Joint Degree)

The postgraduate Master’s programme in Oral Health Sciences is a three-year degree programme offered by the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). This full-time programme is taught in English and offers a unique combination between theoretical training and clinical skills. Oral Health Sciences is intended for ambitious Dutch and international dentists with a few years’ work experience in a general practice who are seeking to deepen, broaden and complement their knowledge and prior education and wish to specialise in one of the following graduation profiles:

-    Endodontology
-    Periodontology
-    Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthodontics
-    Oral Kinesiology
-    Paediatric Dentistry
What makes Oral Health Sciences unique?
•    Small-scale environment: 1-4 students per graduation profile per year.
•    Joint theoretical programme combined with profile-specific seminars and clinical courses.
•    Multidisciplinary approach: knowledge exchange between five different profiles within the field of dentistry.
•    State-of-the-art facilities, laboratories and clinics.
•    ACTA is the only university in Europe that offers such a postgraduate Master’s programme in Oral Health Sciences.

Graduates find work as specialised dentists, academic or clinical teachers, PhD students/researchers or a mix of these professions.

Minimal requirements
•    (International) Master’s degree in dentistry (recognised under Dutch law)
•    Dutch BIG registration
•    Work experience in a general dental practice
•    Proficiency in both English (level C1) and Dutch (level B2/C1)

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Outline of the programme
This is a full-time, three-year programme (180 ECTS in total, 60 ECTS per year) with an average minimum time commitment of 40 hours per week. Depending on the chosen graduation profile, students will be at ACTA 3-5 days per week.

Tuition fees
The annual tuition fees differ per graduation profile, ranging between €12,500 and €22,000.

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M Oral Health Sciences (joint degree)
Naam opleidingsdeel Code
Graduation Profile Endodontology TQ_OHS_ENDO
Graduation Profile Oral Implantology TQ_OHS_OIMPL
Graduation Profile Oral Kinesiology TQ_OHS_OKI
Graduation Profile Periodontology TQ_OHS_PERIO